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Date: 29th September 2014
Choosing the Best Shade Solutions for Pools

Long, hot, golden days of summer are on their way and the extra hours of sunshine means therell be pool-time galore.  Many pool owners are only too aware of the need for shade over their pride and joy, with sun exposure becoming a growing concern.  Protecting swimmers from harmful rays while they enjoy cooling off on the hottest summer days is possible with a selection of shade options for both commercial and domestic pools.  A reputable designer is likely to produce an exciting layout that transforms your pool area into a popular entertainment spot, where shading choices result in a stunning outdoor centrepiece.

We love the charm of our motorised and cantilevered umbrellas which are custom made to compliment your outdoor space.  Not only do they look good, but they are designed to withstand strong winds and their versatility means the umbrellas can be closed when shade isnt needed.

Retractable awnings are ideal for lap pools and small outdoor areas, as the folding arm system means you have shade only when you need it.  The fabrics are treated to resist mildew and stains and you can choose the type of coverage you need, from light shade, to block-out.  The awnings are custom made using the latest advances in fabric design from Frigerio Fabric Awnings.  We can help design a structure that will add style to your outdoor space, with a huge colour palette to choose from.  Retractable awnings are a great way to create a flexible outdoor room when space is tight.

Shade structures are a permanent solution and our designers can help create a winning feature that not only provides the level of shade you need, but compliments stylish outdoor spaces.  There are less support poles on view with our mini roof-style structures, which are designed to last and are made using materials to withstand strong UV rays. 

Shade sails can be erected over a section of a pool or cover the entire length of the area.  By shading a pool area that gets hot afternoon sun in summer, swimmers can enjoy extended hours of time in the water, with less glare and reduced risk of UV damage.  You can choose the level of shade you need with either permeable or waterproof fabrics.  Our designs can result in a thoroughly captivating, modern feature, creating an irresistible draw to your pool and outdoor space.

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